Working with Kinect: The Basics

As someone who has never programmed in any C language before, this project is really making me work overtime in order to even understand the basics. In learning C# and Kinect programming, I am finding the “Jump Start” videos from Microsoft very helpful:

Moreover, there are a number of useful tutorials for those interested in programming the Kinect with C# or C++, the Kinect With Me tutorials are a saving grace due to the very relaxed nature of the site:

The third site I have been following in terms of tutorials and learning how to program the Kinect/program in C# is Coding 4 Fun:

I am struggling with the language and really wish there were more tutorials on the Kinect, but it seems for now I will have to keep following a number of beginner tutorials so as to first understand how to program in C#, then the basics of the Kinect system, and then be able to start working on my actual idea….the time is ticking.

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