Jie: Contemporary Art from Taiwan

Tzu-chi Yeh

Tzu-chi Yeh, born in Hualien, Taiwan, in 1957 is an internationally well-known painter whose landscapes and detailed still life renderings have earned him much praise. Tzu-chi Yeh studied Fine Arts at the National Taiwan Academy of Arts in 1977 and later continued his pursuits at the Chinese Culture University in 1981. Moving to the United States shortly after, he pursued a master’s degree in Painting and Drawing at the Brooklyn College of City University of New York, which he earned in 1989.

Tzu-chi Yeh spent nearly two decades in the United States before returning to Hualien – where he has since settled. During his time in the States and since moving back to his homeland, Tzu-chi Yeh has made a name for himself through a number of solo exhibitions and joint exhibitions such as “The Day of Death” in 1989 which he was invited to by the NY Choice Art Gallery.

Of his varied works, his best known series are the still-life oriented “Soliloquy” series and his equally innovative and refreshing “Landscape Taiwan” series.

His works are characterized by his ability to create “records of his inner feelings, realistic with symbolic metaphors” and paintings “filled with personal touch, strong and unique in style” (ravenel.com)

Lo Chan-peng

A native of Jia Yi, Lo Chan-peng is best known for his incredible portrait paintings of disfigured and mutilated females that made the viewer question the uncomfortable subject matter while feeling enticed to look closer. After receiving his master degree at the National Taiwan Normal Unviersity in Fine Arts, he became an artist-in-residence at ESMoA’s art laboratory in Berlin, Germany, in 2011 and then in Los Angeles, US, in 2013.

During his illustrious career, Lo Chan-peng has participated in a number of solo and joint exhibitions including the 2012 Tokyo exhibition: “Mancy’s Art Night.” He has also participated in a number of international shows which have taken Lo Chan-peng and his works around the world from Bonn, Germany to Ithaca, New York.

What is most spectacular about his paintings is the way in which he renders so detailed his figure and does so repetitively not unlike a photographer’s film roll after a fashion shoot. The similarities end there, however, as with iteration, the figure does not get closer to the glamour shot desired but is instead transposed further into an area of uncomfortable existence. As described by Nastia Voynovskaya: “Lo’s work straddles the boundary between beauty and disgust. His doe-eyed vixens dazzle with pop star good looks, but upon closer inspection, their blue veins, visible wounds and glazed-over eyes reveal the work’s disturbing dimension.” (hifructose.com)

No2Good (Chen Po-liang) 

No2Good (Chen Po-liang) is an animator, illustrator, sculptor, painter, and even an entrepreneur. Based in Taipei, his works are vibrant homages to the nostalgic times of his cartoon and imagination-filled youth. What is truly inspired about his work is how omnipresent it is – particularly in Taiwan. From massive statues in lobbies of hotels to the shirts of teenagers, there is no end to the representations of No2Good’s works.

A graduate of the Graduate Institute of Design National Taiwan Normal University, Chen Po-liang found his first successes in the creation of his dolls and whimsical animations – a style which has caught on even in the Western world.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Keith Haring, Chen Po-liang found a visual language in the realm of comics and cartoons. Today, Chen Po-liang finds himself busy with “STAY REAL,” a brand for trendy clothes and accessories which he co-founded in 2007 as well as his popular collection of dolls which are adored by a wide variety of collectors and youths world-round.


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