all bets are off [video]

Artist Statement:

The rhythm of life can take many forms: a playful melody, a repetitive tone, or an unending rapping that can drive one to insanity. Investigating the gloom, disdain, and melodrama that surrounds loneliness I seek to explore the viscosity of harmful thoughts and hopeless desires.

Following a breakup and between strengthened or renewed network ties, we can find ourselves alone and without hope. The darkness that can consume one in this position transcends emotion to become physically disruptive to life, to happiness, and to progression. Transfixed upon the very utterance of a single word, name, or phrase, we find ourselves removed further from the societies and peoples we so long to be close to and instead find ourselves pushed further into darkness. Soon this transfixion becomes the only world we know. For some of us, this world is a temporary passage that devours time and space. For others, the darkness lingers and keeps us shackled to a never-ending world of despair.

Part free form writing and part situationism, this work  attempts to induce and reproduce the harsh static and unceasingly painful experience of loneliness in its bleakest and most chilling form – one that quickly approaches neurosis but never crosses over into the darkness of psychosis.

Created with:

  • Canon 5D Mark III (50mm, 1.4 f/stop, 1/60 second, 29.7fps)
  • Zoom H4n
  • Apple Final Cut Pro X

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