Lecture: Yasmil Raymond

The process of art defined by Yasmil Raymond is a curious one. She studied art at the Chicago Institute yet has a distinctly West Coast style and mentality about process. when it comes to curation. I greatly appreciated her insights on the way in which art is now a transformative discussion between spectator and creator and how interaction is become more essential for the transformative nature of sculpture. I am reminded of the importance of time as a fourth dimension in temporal mediums such as sculpture. 

Where I find Raymond most influential is in her path. She always had an eye for art curation but only briefly considered it before throwing herself into such a passion. The world should rejoice in this decision as she has established some of the most intriguing shows I have witnessed, including Beacon’s Dia Museum.

An eloquent speaker with a mind for discipline and structure but an eye for creativity, I greatly enjoyed Raymond’s lecture.

Photo credit: http://www.jcva.org/DBimages/image/Yasmil/y2_photo.jpg


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