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Colin Budd
Creative Lead // Innovator

Hi there. I'm Colin.

Creative Lead // Innovator +
Explorer of Emerging Tech

A graduate of Cornell University with degrees in Information Science (BA) and Fine Arts (BFA), I combine my passions for design, technology, business, and psychology to create forward-thinking solutions to the higher-level problems latent in current and emerging technologies.

I seek to help others identify the right problem to solve, leveraging the best practices of Lean, Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking, while remaining user-centric in theory and implementation. My skills and interests are best applied when collaborating with others in fast-paced environments that emphasize rapid thinking, communication, and creative problem solving - seeing the bigger picture and helping connect the dots regardless of domain, industry, or perceived challenge.

I create better things.

Bridging Business + Design + Development

With an endless passion for multidisciplinary explorations, I utilize my backgrounds in psychology, fine arts, and computer science to act as an essential bridge across design, development, and business, catalyzing the flow of communication and creation of truly impactful solutions. My pursuit is defining the yet unexplored spaces and values of experiences across emerging technologies while grounding theories, designs, and core principles in the very real needs and values of the users of today paired with the conceptual tools and needs of tomorrow.

Leadership + Engagement

In workshops and team settings, my strengths in public speaking, leadership, and coaching enable me to ensure that regardless of role, background, or understandings, every person is able to learn and grow as an individual in novel directions - encouraging and strengthening the desire to remain uncomfortable while always learning and striving for more. Whether standing up design practices, transforming cultures, or just envisioning the art of the possible, I place great value on the ability to connect with others, communicate effectively across disciplines, and lead strategically to encourage meaningful, collaborative change.

Public Speaking + Publications + Patents

Throughout the course of my work, I greatly enjoy and seek the opportunity to share findings and understandings through mediums such as public speaking along with publishing writings and creating patents. From building out innovative solutions and robust design teams for clients to patenting novel systems and processes, I take incredible pride in helping identify and bring to life first-of-a-kind experiences while actively contributing to the collective advancement of design and technology.

And Beyond

A restless drive to innovate leads me to always want to learn, grow, experience, and do more - for myself and others. Taking many forms, this same passion often extends itself to my Creative Coding, DIY Tinkering, Photography + Videography, Animation, Fine Art, Writing and so much more - samples of which you can find on this site and the External Presence links, below.

Let's Make Together.



// Design + Production: HCI + UX/UI Design, User Research, Prototype Design, 3D Design, Animation, Photography, Videography + Multimedia Production, Programming + Creative Coding // Leadership: Creative Direction, Product Management, Design Operations (DesOps), Team Building // Etcetera: Public Speaking + Communication, Client Engagement + Consulting, Facilitation, Relationship Management


Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Agile, Lean, DevSecOps


Java, Processing, Swift, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP ... and ActionScript 3.0 (I'll never forget you, Flash!)


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