Alejandro Cesarco

Alejandro Cesarco genuinely impressed me by the end of his short, but well-versed lecture on his works and experiences as an artist. A native of Uruguay, Cesarco’s works are playful but laced with a dangerous imposition to the user: self-reflection. While exploring additional examples of his works, I couldn’t help but find myself at first smirking at his statement-based pieces such as When I’m Happy (2006) and Picture #8 (2007) – but then immediately feeling a feeling of emptiness. It is as if the piece leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth – purposely though so as to create tension between the viewer and the work.


“Picture #8” (2007)

Other works of Cesarco, such as his Baloise Art Prize-winning The Streets Were Dark With Something More Than Night Or The Closer I Get To The End The More I Rewrite The Beginning (2011) explore a unique narrative of a detective-like story. Playing out in a noir fashion, the installation is astounding for its ability to place the viewer in the role of an investigator propelled along his creation of a storyline thorugh simple prints and projections.

Cesarco deserves the attention and acclaim he has thus far received – I can only hope that he continues on this path of success without forgetting his roots that make him and his work impossible not to love.

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